Monday, March 28, 2011

Tempest in a smoking incense pot

Mr. Spirit of Vatican II is exercised by the upcoming new English Missal. I think he has not been happy in a very long time. Since 1968, anyway.

The Vatican, egged on by an ignorant claque, are hurtling toward another egregious scandal, which will undercut the credibility of bishops all over the English-speaking world by putting their illiteracy on public display...The new texts have no merit at all, since they make not the slightest effort at style or rhythm....The faceless committees who concoct liturgical translations -- and especially the present batch based on the mistaken principles of Liturgiam Authenticam -- simply have no conception of style.

Concern with correct grammar, coherent syntax. communicative and eloquent diction, is mocked as elitism by the boors and philistines who are purveying these corrupt texts. They claim to speak in the name of Joe and Mary Catholic just as Sarah Palin speaks in the name of Joe Six-Pack. (emphasis mine). And the bishops seem to have the same patronizing attitude, believing that what is shoddy, ugly and dead will do for their flock.

No escape from Mrs. Palin.

Very funny stuff.

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