Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Think globally, rant locally

For Lent I really should have given up using the internet for anything but porn.

The Marine Hymn presciently clarifies two of my ongoing concerns.

"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..."  

Mexicans and Muslims. Reconquista and Jihad. Either of these issues provokes me. And the internet gives me plenty of material for both. Can rile me up with breakfast. Today it is Montezuma...and his revenge.

As I have mentioned, I had very little beef with Catholicism in the dogma department. But what started out as the personal impossibility of me reconciling my natural sexual drive with Catholic sexual morality blossomed over time into an attitude of eye-rolling disrespect for its platitudinous "social justice" morality.

Especially when dispensed by such august bodies as the American Bishops Conference. This guild, which handled the clergy sex abuse scandal with so much integrity and grace, has never seemed to me much more than a club of dickless bankers in drag. There was an old saying among the very first Christian monks, the Egyptian desert Fathers of the late third century and following: "Flee women and bishops!" Good advice.

Reminds me of a charming story of Jordan of Saxony, St Dominic's very likeable successor as Master of the Order of Preachers:
Once, when in the company of several bishops, he was called upon to explain how it was that some bishops taken from the Mendicant Orders had not given entire satisfaction. He answered with simple truth thus: 'The fault lies entirely with yourselves. So long as they kept to their Order we were careful to rebuke them as often as they deserved it, but the laxity you complain of has come upon them since they joined your ranks. Furthermore, I can testify that during the many years I have passed in the Order I do not recall a single instance in which  the Popes have ever asked me or any of our Superiors to find them a good bishop. On the contrary they have picked their own men at will, either because of parentage or relations, or from some other less spiritual motive, and so no blame can rest with us.'
My provocation this morning was an article by a man of Catholic but not liberal convictions about his upcoming address to the next confab of crosiered capons* about immigration. Some days, as hopeless and unrealistic as it be, anything short of a recap of Ferdinand and Isabella's 1492 ethnic cleansing seems unacceptable. (I recognize the irony of referencing their Reconquista to wish for the disappearance of the Aztlanians** who are engaged in one of their own against us.)

The Bishops handle this with a theological finesse worthy of a bumper sticker: "Welcome the stranger." End of story. The bad faith, rank self-interest (all those new Catholics to fill up otherwise haemorrhaging parishes?) and narcissistic "social justice" moral preening (the poor brown people) all give me agita.

So in case you missed them, seven reasons why contemporary Hispanic immigration to America is bad.

Illegality: How can it be a good thing for us if your first literal contact with us is breaking our laws? It is an aggressive act of disrespect. It is home invasion on a national scale. Left unpunished, it promotes contempt for us and makes our sovereignty a joke.

Enormity: tens of millions of illegals gives the problem serious demographic magnitude, as well as having huge costs in money, crime, social dislocation, etc.

Homogeneity: the single linguistic bloc makes them very powerful and influential, allowing both a split of the US into a bilingual country and continuous resident populations who speak an alien language.

: for Mexican illegals especially, the great majority, the closeness of the home country prevents assimilation and allows diffident connection to America.

: with the history of race-conscious ill-will between the USA and Mexico, this massive group of illegal Hispanics superheats the Balkanizing of our country into inimical ethnic tribes.

Post-MLK America has lost its moral self-confidence and any hope of the decreasing White majority asserting itself to foreign immigrants. Multiculturalism has eroded a common Anglo culture that once might have required adaptation from these invaders, if not supported their expulsion.

Although many first-generation illegals may be more focused on work and money, with clear experience that a hard life in America is way better than the insecure dead-end hovels they fled, their children born here, who will mostly not excel, will  see what they don't have and how they don't belong in either place. Nothing good comes of this new alienated underclass.

Put 'em all together. It's not pretty.

*My apologies, but a friend just sent me an opinion piece in English by an educated Pakistani. The perfervid prose briefly infected mine.

**Aztlan is the mythical Chicano homeland in the southwest US, which La Raza types would like to reconquistar.  Funny though, that the Aztec Empire never even held all of Mexico, much less any of the land now America. It was only by the extension of the empire of the evil white Spanish conquistadors that any part of America could ever be claimed by the Mexicans.

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