Thursday, March 10, 2011


Did I just call Canada a MultiKulty Nanny state? Sorry. I should have said MultiKulty Nanny Police state. One more surreal phenomenon in the Northern Republic of Political Correctness.
Several orthodox rabbis in the GTA went on record to support Chabad Flamingo Rabbi Mendel Kaplan and his defence of Torah Judaism in connection to the attack against him by Kulanu Toronto, the local LGBTQ group under the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto umbrella.

Kulanu had alleged that Rabbi Kaplan made homophobic remarks in a sermon and in email correspondence and urged York Regional Police (YRP) to question his suitability as chaplain (see Jewish Tribune, Feb. 17 and 24, 2011). He was completely vindicated following a detailed, almost-six-month-long investigation by the diversity unit.
Imagine. An Orthodox Jewish rabbi against homosexuality. Outrageous. Call the cops.

Thank God for the First Amendment.


Anonymous said...

»Thank God for the First Amendment.« Not really so. The First Amendment is of itself only words, sc it never is of itself, which would be only the impossibility of formalism.

The "robustness" of American defense of freedom of speech occurs by substantive understanding — which admittedly may be in accord with the original intent or original substance of the First Amendment.

All the countries that punish hate speech variously have "first amendment" style guarantees of freedom of speech or-and "expression" in their constitutions.

I seem to recall that the written constitution of the USSR also protected freedom of speech.

The American judiciary "could" decide that the First Amendment doesn't protect hate speech. American courts didn't use the First Amendment to protect anti-war speech during WW1 — when speakers against American involvement were gaol'd.

Ain't no substitute for substance in the seculum. You either put substantce there, or you have a no seculum.

Leah said...

I'll take the First amendment and Orthodox Rabbis any day over the PC of LGBTQXZM.... in Toronto.
I have no doubt that they'd celebrate the beheading of Gays by muslims long before they acknowledge that even in the Jewish Orthodox community they are trying to come to terms with how to deal with the sin without alienating the sinner.

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