Friday, March 25, 2011

More Muslim and dhimmi hijinks

Eric ("My People") Holder's DOJ is suing a school district that refused a newly hired Muslim math teacher's request for 3 weeks off near the end of the semester to go on pilgrimage to Mecca. Serving less than one year, she quit and went on the Hajj. She should only stay in Arabia.

A Federal agency is suing a local school on behalf of an obviously meritless case and it just happens to be about Muslims.

I need not explicate my expletives.

When I was director of an AIDS non-profit I caught hell from the women on staff when I refused to hire a woman who was six months pregnant. After three months on the job, she'd go on maternity leave? I'd have to hire a temporary replacement. And knowing how the girls operated, they'd demand the creation of a new job to keep the replacement, if they liked her. One of the harpies yelled at me, "You just don't get it." "Never have," said I, "and never will."

As I've often noted, inside most victims you will find an entitled tyrant.

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Leah said...

"inside most victims you will find an entitled tyrant. "
Wise words, I'm stealing them.

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