Monday, March 21, 2011

An inquisitive friend

asked why there was such urgency about military intervention in Libya but there never had been the same focus on Sudan, with the ongoing destruction in Darfur.

Cynically (!), I suggested that it had something to do with oil, proximity to Europe, Qaddafi's history of violence against the West, and the strategic importance of the Arab world. Darfur was just a bunch of desert Arab savages murdering a bunch of hapless desert Blacks, in the middle of nowhere.

I now am chastened by reading this noble humanitarian snippet:
Clinton's former top aide Anne-Marie Slaughter accused the Obama administration of prioritizing oil over the human rights of the people of Libya. "U.S. is defining ‘vital strategic interest' in terms of oil and geography, not universal values. Wrong call that will come back to haunt us," she wrote on Wednesday on her Twitter page.

Ah, that's right. Universal values. How could I forget?

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Anonymous said...

Journalists and the journalistically minded always like to craft something as "news."

Like this intervention is somehow the first occasion on which the Obama administration or even the US government in general has not defined "vital strategic interest" in terms of "universal values" as talk'd of by the UN or at Harvard Divinity Skoo or someplace like that.

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