Sunday, October 20, 2013

Foolish White People, continued

Roddenberry ethical silliness continues, even in a fan-produced episode of Star Trek. After Kirk orders the destruction of a vessel that was sucking the life out of the Enterprise and would not communicate, he apologizes to Bones, who'd protested the move. But Bones, admits sadly:

I know, Jim. But it's hard to see the taking of any life, even if it's to save our own.

Are there any other groups in history that mourn the loss of hostile strangers when their own people's lives are in danger? 

A Canadian friend of mine was horrified at the "racism" of the Quebec government's Charter of Values,which tries to protect the frayed Quebecois culture in the face of Third World --especially Muslim-- immigration.

Can you imagine a Muslim version of Star Trek having any silly sentiment like Bones'? 


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