Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If you have the time and interest

When ABC Met the Manosphere… and Me:

This article provides some insight into why ExC thinks more highly, much more highly, of "sex workers", as they like to be called --and it certainly is work-- than the loathesome class of "journalists." Smarmy Pravdans with better clothes and teeth.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like the MSM's attempted take-down of the Manosphere is going to fail in a big way. Why? Simple: Manospherians are stating things that people know to be true, and they are not apologetic for it. Unlike many conservatives, who have unconsciously accepted many liberal doctrines and may feel some guilt over opposing liberal effects, Manospherians have rejected liberal positions altogether. If you do not accept your opponent's assumptions, you don't have to feel guilty for opposing them.

Something interesting is happening. Something that may make even the "conservatives" hopelessly irrelevant.


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