Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lest we forget

that Ex Cathedra has moved beyond the regard to our nation's most massively lied about issue, I've added another page to the left-hand column listing Some Basics, with the consciously offensive title Why I Don't Give A Shit About Trayvon Martin.

No other issue makes ExCathedra's readers into ex-readers or makes his current readers more uncomfortable than this issue. I get it. It certainly made ExC very uncomfortable when the scales started falling, bit by bit, from his eyes over the last several years.

That was because he confused the individual with the group. He mistakenly felt that seeing the group as it is would be disloyal to some of the individuals in it. Once he accepted that individual exceptions are just that, exceptional, he could let himself see the group as a group. Midge Decter was right about that. (And it's true of all groups, hers included. Mine, too.)

Refusing to see what's happening on the ground on a regular basis and --most importantly-- continuing to be manipulated into self-erasure because of the utterly fraudulent "racism" narrative is what make Ex Cathedra view his own fellow Whites as The Most Foolish People On The Planet. (c)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, MOST white people are foolish, anyways. And then there are the ones who went mad from the revelation.


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