Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Eve

The old Celtic festival of Samhain --pronounced Sah-win--coincides with First Vespers of All Saints. It is a liminal day, when the veils between the worlds thin out and the dead and the spirits move easily into Middle Earth.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with the brilliant Tim Curry, is the liturgically appropriate event.



Anonymous said...

(?)(!) I thought you hated drag queens? I do agree, Tim Curry is brilliant. The whole cast is terrific. I know Susan Sarandon is a borderline commie, but in her youth, she was pretty irresistible. It's a mystery why this is her only musical. She's among the actresses, who make me feel straight.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Re drag queens, (and any other group), I always make distinctions between exceptional individuals and groups. Almost all my friends are Democrats!

Tim's Frankenfurter is terrific and as you say, the whole cast is great.

Although Comrade Sarandon was a beautiful young woman, she provokes no straightness in me. One of the few women who make theoretical straightness thinkable for me is Annette Benning.

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