Saturday, October 12, 2013

Newton's Third Law politicized

The moral outrage inherent in the Oppressor-Victim narrative that drives Liberalism justifies all sorts of totalitarian control. Liberalism has no internal critical brake. College campuses are examples of these mini-states where the paranoid or vengeful feelings of the Officially Protected Sacred Victim Classes are used in order to stifle and criminalize opposition. In Bill Whittle's words, they become liberal madrassas, uttterly deaf to irony or argument, like the British "Equalities Minister" who said that in order to achieve equality we must treat people unequally.   Trevor Blake's list of First Amendment crimes is dominated by liberals, not by "the religious Right." It makes for grim reading.

Ex Cathedra thinks that, eventually, if Liberalism is not completely triumphant, it will provoke a response from the Right that will have to be at least as rigidly controlling if it is to succeed. They'll call it fascist but it will simply be a survival-driven traditionalist version of their own totalitarian urge, brought on by their own excesses.


PS  This stuff reminds me of the actual Liberals I have known through work, etc. They would find the word "liberal" an insult since they were self-consciously farther to the Left. My recollection is that the worst of them, the most coldly and impersonally ideological were the women. Madam Mao was no accident.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, living and attending university in a fairly Red part of Pennsylvania, I have had the pleasure of an "atypical" college experience. I have not had run-ins with many liberal professors, though they do infest the English, History, and Economics departments. All lumped together in the same building, amusingly.

It's the administration that is hopelessly liberal. Inviting liberal darlings, indulging the whims of the liberal student minority, who seem intent to hold "Rainbow Runs" and put on liberal tripe theater. The highlight last year was a student written version of the Peanuts in high school: Linus a pothead Buddhist, Lucy a pyromaniac, Peppermint Patty and Marcy lesbian lovers, and Pigpen a super-neat homophobic Fundamentalist Christian.

Which brings up another point: why do liberals take such pleasure in perverting childhood nostalgia and parading their "art" for all to see and praising themselves for their "artistic" ability?


Anonymous said...

Pendulums swing two ways. And it must swing as far one way as it does the other. How utterly delicious would it be if one day, conservatives seize the control and influence liberals have held for decades, say "Our turn," and use the mechanisms and regulations and laws that liberals enacted to ensure their political hegemony to marginalize them?

I'm reminded of Angela Lansbury's line in "The Manchurian Candidate": "Powers that will make martial law seem like anarchy!" And the liberals will only have themselves to blame for giving conservatives motivation to give them grief.


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