Wednesday, October 09, 2013

How the game is played

Fear white influx will erase West Oakland history - SFGate:

Consider the above headline. It's about the gentrification (White-ifying) of a Black neighborhood.

Now consider this one:

Fear black influx will erase Castro history.

What do you think would be the likelihood that such a headline would ever make it past an editor, if such a demographic change were to happen?

There'd be screaming from here to...West Oakland.

Fear? Why should we fear? That's racist! Influx? It sounds like a disease. You are dehumanizing African-Americans!

To speak in the gay-Ebonic patois so beloved of many of the Castro queens,
--why, btw, do White homos think it's cool to talk like ghetto girls?--

I am sooooo over this.


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