Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Too Good for this world

A reflection on the movie Lone Survivor.

There's spoiler stuff here so if you plan to see it, don't read below...

The US team faces their moral/tactical dilemma when they are surprised in the mountains by three Afghan goat herders. If they let them go, their position will be revealed. If they tie them up and gag them and leave them, they might die of exposure or predation, and if they kill them, the soldiers believe that it would eventually wind up on CNN and they would wind up in Leavenworth.

They decide to let the Afghans go and deal with the consequences. Which turn out to be many American deaths and the mission fails. So they died for nothing...but "morality."

If the kind of men depicted in this movie exist in reality, then it is hard to believe that they could lose a war. They are ferocious warriors.

America's wars are being lost at home, by the population, by the press, by the government and by a bizarre and groundless humanitarian ethic which makes your own people choose the lives of hostile strangers over their own.


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