Friday, January 17, 2014

While I'm at it

Since I rudely referred to the author of the sex-whine in the previous post, let me continue.

One of the shameful characteristics he notes about "the sexual 1%" is a "preference" for the "cis-gendered."

Again, horrors.

Cis-gendered is the trans-gendered lingo for natural born males and females who like being their sex. (For you non-Latin scholars, cis is Latin for "this side" and trans means "other side."

Transgenders, according to the latest poll, constitute about .003% percent of the population. Which means that 99.997% of us are "cis-gendered."

So the trans get to be a Super Special Victim Minority whose exclusion from the Sexual 1% is some kind of crime. The State of California now has school bathroom regulations for the.

Am I the only one who notices how it's minorities who play the tunes we are all supposed to dance to, whose agendas are somehow sacrosanct.

Unless, of course, your minority is 1%.


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