Thursday, April 03, 2008

Unholy trinity

Although I believe that the world is overdetermined and that magic-bullet solutions or single-item Explanations of Everything are naturally off base, I do have the kind of mind that likes to synthesize experience into theories.

I have bandied about the notion of the Seven Pillars of Liberalism and although I now see them more as spokes in the Wheel of Progress --a wheel is more feminine than a pillar-- I keep trying to connect and simplify.

Race, class, gender. These are the three items that obsess the progressives. No big discovery on my part. Google these three terms and millions of hits come up.

The Seven Spokes depend on these three.

Multiculturalism and transnationalism are responses to issues of race.
Feminism, pacifism and environmentalism* are responses to issues of gender.
Redistributionism and secularism are Marxism's contribution and hence about class.

*I include environmentalism as a gender issue because of the easy confluence of these issues into ecofeminism, which sees the planet as a wounded and raped female mother goddess.

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