Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Suicide of the West, continued

Mark Steyn points out the extraordinary phenomenon which our MSM continue to ignore: the demographic self-erasure of indigenous peoples in Europe*. I still hear people blabbing about how the world is overpopulated. Maybe in Chad or Yemen, but not in Italy. And then they congratulate themselves on not adding to the problem. This is especially galling when gays go on about "breeders". Breeders created me and my family is full of them. My local lib friends who idolize the evolved Euros seem unwilling to look at this aspect of their beloved superiors' behavior, the free-fall of their numbers. Turns out that when the Catholic Church condemned "the contraceptive mentality", there was a point to it.

Consider: 17 European nations are already at or below what demographers call "lowest-low" fertility (1.3 children per couple) - a point from which no society in human history has ever recovered.

*I get some mild perverse pleasure when locals start in about the glories of Muslim Spain and how unfortunate it was that they were driven out by the Christians in the fifteenth century. I point out that this is the uprising of the indigenous native peoples against foreign colonialists. Their little deer-eyes blink.


David Barry O'Connor said...

I just ordered a half-dozen of the paperback, now that it's out, as prizes for a party (with the kids I grew up with over 60 years ago).

Anonymous said...

This is really disturbing.

I used to be a Malthusian, but now, not so much.

I came to the conclusion recently that the only way homosexuality really makes sense, really fits into a strong culture, is if it upholds and supports the values of a mainstream populace of..."breeders." Something like that. One day I will work it out in an essay.

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