Friday, April 25, 2008

Homelie pathetique

The Episcopalians continue their slide into Unitarianism in Drag. The Church of England was often described as being nothing more than "the Tory party at prayer", a dig which implied that the theological overlay was superficial and the political energy was the real deal.

It is hard to think that the Episcopal Church, or what is left of it, is anything other than merely the progressive Democrat party at prayer. It seems to be in such complete cultural captivity to the Boomer Blue worldview that it no longer even recognizes it.

Reading the description of the Earth Day service led by the current presiding Bishopette, I think I would rather have gum surgery than be there. And really, only white liberal Christians can be this embarrassing. Oy.

PS. In summer 2007, an Episcopal priest announced she was also a Muslim. Rather than being told to choose or get out, she was suspended for a year to think about it. Even the lingo her bishop used in handing out the enforced leave is telling. He spoke of "what I see as" the profound differences between the two religions. As if it were some private opinion he was unwilling to assert more strongly. Good Lord.

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Anonymous said...

I left the Episcopal church about 15 years ago because it seemed to me that it had become more a political party that a place of worship. In fact, in my opinion, it would be more comfortable not to believe in God at all if you are an Episcopalian. All form and no substance. So it doesn't surprise me at all that they are just fine with a Muslim priestess.

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