Sunday, June 03, 2012

Old dog, new trix

I learned a new Windows 7 trick this week. I can connect my flatscreen to my laptop and then split the screen, so I can watch a movie on the 32" and at the same time fiddle with the 15" on my lap. Techno marvel.

So I am watching Tales of the City again. This old righty curmudgeon's affection for this now quaint SF period piece remains. There's sweetness in the stories, an unknowingness about the future. And sometimes a quite unvarnished portrayal of the dark side of people and causes Maupin loves. But of course, from my later vantage point, I can detect the strains of narcissism and bitterness that came to such disappointing flower in 2007's Michael Tolliver Lives. Watching it Tales makes me remember my first years here --and sweet hunky Uncle Jack--and makes me feel, well, young.
Fatally ill rich Republican Edgar Halcyon sneaks off to a faith healer. When she suggests that he include his family in the process, he demurs, saying, "My family's Catholic." She pauses to think and then says, "Well, that's all right. Jesus loves Catholics, too."
Marcus D'Amico's Michael Tolliver remains a total charmer. The crooked smile, the Southern lilt, he looks great in a white Henley...and jeans are his friend. Michael and Dr. Jon make a classic Red/Blue Men dyad.

Brian angers his female bedmate du soir, who refuses, however, to explain why. "You're making me feel guilty," he says, "I'm a liberal. Just ring a bell and I'll feel guilty for weeks on end."

Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren aka "Running Joke" and "Dances With Lies", has a forerunner role model in Tales, it seems: D'Orothea, the white chick from Oakland who dyed her skin dark to get modelling gigs.

Edgar runs into Anna Madrigal/Olympia Dukakis in Alamo Square park and she makes him laugh and he falls in love with her because she makes him laugh. (I can relate.)

Anna M explains to Brian that love does not get any easier when you're older. "Young people think that you'll get wiser. You don't. Age doesn't fix a thing. No safer and not any easier, just more familiar.  So when the pain comes back round again, you can look it in the eye and say 'I recognize you, you old bastard'. " (I can relate.)


Anonymous said...

There was a San Francisco laugher
Who anticipated sex in the hereafter.
But Lut said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
"You'll be in Jahannam, you d-mn Kaffir!"

Anonymous said...

courtesy, jpm, ├╝ber-sufi of the sideways path.

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