Friday, June 01, 2012

Green Lantern turns Pink

The Green Lantern comes out. Why am I not happy? PC revisionism on its long progressive march thru the institutions of Western heroism, warring against the Straight White Male*: Superman renounces his US citizenship, a new Spiderman is half Black, half Latino, now this. What's next? Batman converts to Islam? AquaTransman?

*One more example: I sort of enjoyed the scifi series Warehouse 13, despite the goofy hero and the  uber-irritating Saul Rubinek, until they brought back HG Wells through the Time Machine...and it turned out he was really a woman. Click.



Kevin said...

This plot has gotten moderate news coverage, but the backstory is that this is a pathetic attempt to drum up business for an industry (like print journalism) that is in its death throes.(?) As a former reader of comics DC's reboot is sad it that it entirely reinvented a 72 year old character into a polar opposite.

Fans don't like it when you radically alter a clearly defined character or they do something out of character. I'm glad I stopped collecting at this point because it's insulting and likely stereotypical. Maybe someone needs to go Kathy Bates in Misery on them to get the point across.

You're right, this is PC at its worse, but what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Good blogging! ... Maybe they could have Wonder Woman actually a guy in drag. ... A person can't run fast in high heels (I guess), but deadly kicking is an option.

An on-going joke could be that Mormonman doesn't perceive that Wonder Woman is a guy.

The leading Evil character could be internalized-homophobia Plato Man, who tries to root out practising homosexuality and urge homoerotic males to sublimate sc in Platonic relationships of the higher love.

P.S. Speaking of boas, Americans always laugh when I say that a snake of the constrictor family lives in Canada -- the Rubber Boa. In our Pacific South West.

Anonymous said...

Speakin of Wonder Woman, I see that two American women are suing the military for “violating the rights of servicewomen by excluding them from certain military positions and from ground combat units because of their gender.”

Reminds me of what I pre-noticed, namely that military and police institutions do not ask women to cut their hair close. Short hair and shaved beards was a military innovation introduced by Alexander: this innovation meant Alexander's soldiers could not be grab'd by their hair or beards in hand-to-hand combat -- a tremendous advantage.

Ex Cathedra will remember radical feminism's description of the constant danger men present to women, but except for a few of the most radical lesbians radical feminists did not cut their hair close in order to remove an easy way for a violent man to grab and control a woman. I don't mean merely not "long" hair, but hair so short that it cannot be grasp'd and held. ... Feminists did not even always wear shoes convenient for kicking and especially running; 'flats' that merely lack high heels are not running shoes.

My point isn't that feminists exaggerated the danger of male violence upon women. My sense in fact is that women do live rather with a background of fear, rather more intense than men's and boys' deaden'd awareness that if they land in prison then sexual violence will befall them and without any crisis line available or any way to contact 911. Sexual violence in prison is in any case evidently properly a theme for jokes on television, even in Simpsons cartoons. ... I would shave my head completely if I were in prison and that would diminish my chances of getting violated physically or sexually.

My point is that the importance of feminineness is so important to women that they will brave a certain amount of additional danger for the sake of a feminine presentation -- long hair and shoes not made for running, plus other impediments of attire.

As an outsider -- a guy -- looking on, I could easily 'mansplain' and declare that women ought to cut their hair close as a men does when they join the military or doing police work, or even in civilian life, if the danger of male violence is even half as great as radical feminists said and perhaps still say.

One can't remove this evidence for the importance of feminine self-presentation by arguing that women "shouldn't have to" cut their hair close because it is men who are doing the violence. True, men are doing the violence and the violence is criminal and unjust and shouldn't happen. But by the same argument, police officers "shouldn't have to" wear bullet-proof vests since criminals shouldn't shoot at them.

... Psyche overrides Lockean calculation. Womengirls are courageous in this way.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I guess if the military powers and principalities really wish'd to keep women out of regular military institutions, female personnel would be expected to have their hair cut as short as male personnel do.

Anonymous said...

I see that the Blue Racer and the Eastern Fox Snake are also constricting snakes found in Canada.

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