Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Yellow and the Green

In Graham Jackson's typology of male lovers, Yellow Men and Green Men fall for each other. The Apollonian man of ideas who floats above the earth and the chthonic guy whose feet are firmly on the ground. Blue Men and Red Men are likewise drawn to each other. The patriarchal man of convention and duty with the romantic man of beauty and passion.

Robert Mammana, the Green/Blue Man

Just Say Love (2009) shows a Yellow/Red Man and a Green/Blue Man falling for each other. It's hard to tell consciously archetypal stories without letting the seams show, --and the writer is definitely a Yellow Man in real life--and sometimes this filmed play did. It was part reality, part allegory, part lecture, part fairy tale. If most films about male/male eros lack characters with dignity or self-respect, this one leaned toward the didactic* and the exemplary. It can be forgiven for that. And Robert Mammana is eminently forgivable.

There were moments when the power of this kind of bond shone through. Plato-reading blond artist Guy finds his courage and reconciles with his father. And horny (and new married father) hunky carpenter Doug learns how to breathe and tell the truth.

Not bad.

*The discourse on meat and elimination was entirely a self-indulgence of the rabidly vegetarian author and I for one could have seriously done without it.



Anonymous said...

What colour were the gay activists that sort-of maintain'd that when a gay man resists the sexuo-social-spiritual patterning for him by mainline prot workshop guideline books, namely partnerships that pattern'd on mainline prot marriage, he's driven by "internalized homophobia"?

Perhaps these were yellow-type Apollonian "men of ideas." Or maybe they were blue-type "patriarchal men of convention and duty" who wish'd to impose traditional family values and western Christianity upon the LGBT community.

Anonymous said...

"In Graham Jackson's typology of male lovers, Yellow Men and Green Men fall for each other."

I'm having one of my "That's nice of them to say that, except I don't believe it a bit" moments.

If you wish, you could read my older comment on yer older blogging on the same thing so's I don't re-detail the personal whys and wherefores.

PS: 25 win streak now. How will it end?


DrAndroSF said...

Don't recall yer old comments, N. Feel free to repeat yourself. I'm famous for it.

Anonymous, I don't know what you're asking and answering. Wanna try again?

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