Thursday, June 07, 2012

I remember Nana

"When we get older, we don't get better. We just get moreso."

My maternal grandmother, Kitty Dowd Sorenson (1892-1964).

Amen, Kitty.

That's her on the left, with my mom and newborn sister.

I called her Nana and her kids referred to her in the third person as Kitty (from Catherine), which is what her sisters and brothers called her. She was a hoot. She'd buy me jelly doughnuts after Mass on Sundays and then call her bookie to see how she'd done during the week.

Other wisdom:

Don't ask why there's no justice in this world. If there were justice in this world, we'd all be hung from the yardarm at dawn.

All human things, given time, go badly.

Ah, but you're a queer duck.

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