Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unfooling Mother Nature

Daily Garlic: This is amazing: How Wolves Change Rivers.:

A video on the multiple cascading effects throughout Yellowstone of the re-introduction of the wolves.

Reminds me once again that it's very likely the same people who genuflect in awe at the delicate and complex inter-connections of an ecosystem who then march hamfistedly into the human ecosystem  --culture--and re-arrange the furniture every few years or so, in order to "improve" it.

In particular, the killing off of the wolves in Yellowstone feels to me like an image of feminism.

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Anonymous said...

I see the wolf as a metaphor for the primal essence of Man: beautiful, powerful, dangerous yet incredibly social animals who work together and take care of their own. Their elimination and exile throws their environment out of whack; their return brings prosperity and natural balance. I wonder, is the recent werewolf craze some sort of sublimated desire for the return of real, genuine men to the world?

Happy is the woman who joins her grace and elegance to the power and majesty of a man. And happy is the man who joins his power and majesty to that of another man.


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