Sunday, June 14, 2015

Prophecy of doom

Since so much of the energy in X-Files in the 90's came from the restrained romantic tension between two attractive people, Mulder and Scully,

How they will play this relationship out in the upcoming mini-series some 15 years later remains to be seen. And it could be quite a challenge. Gillian Anderson remains a quite beautiful woman, shown here in her role as Hannibal Lecter's psychiatrist on the current series.

In 2015, though,  David Duchovny is really starting to look, well, like comedian Gary Shandling.

Duchovny now at age 54 and Shandling back then

It was a running joke, written into the script, too, that Duchovy and Shandling were look-alikes. (And on Shandler's show, they appeared together and insinuated a sexual attraction between them.)  Back in the 90's, young Duchovny was considered hot stuff; Shandling never and not even close. But now genetic doom seems to be catching up with Fox Mulder.


Anonymous said...

I could never get into the show Hannibal. It is just really typical teevee shit with an edgy decor. When, though, when will they just let the X-Files die? Is it really that good? I always found it to either be boring or inconsequential. Either monster of the week or the sitcom version of those boring military dramas the 90's loved to churn out.


DrAndroSF said...

Hannibal is overproduced and overthunk. But he's an intriguing psychopath.

As for X-Files, I have watched the whole series many times. There is, however, less to it than meets the eye and the writing is sometimes so pretentiously bad as to be funny. It's strong on atmosphere and character and has a nostalgic ring for me.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking forward to the Mini Series? Or are you scared that they are going to fuck it up somehow? I know it is only a decade old but, they could still upset the nostalgia for you if they did something with the mini series that did not fit.


DrAndroSF said...

Sure, I'm curious, but don't expect a repeat of the older series. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!

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