Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A shallow observation

Ah, the joys of piracy. Watched Jurassic World.  

The usual plotline: scientific hubris, escaped monsters, chaos and death, close calls, triumph and lesson learned.  Lots of CGI monsters. Obligatory doses of multi and gendy. The bad guys are evil scientists (Chinese) and corporation heads (Indian). Though not as bad as the military guy, (White) of course.

One of the ways that heterosexuality (which I honor but do not understand) baffles me is the supposed attraction of hot guys to cold bitches. Maybe it's the hunt and conquer thing. And nowadays even an Alpha Male --and White, to boot!-- must have a scene where he is saved by the Strong Womyn.  Though he does melt her at the end. Which is not surprising, considering that the Hero is
Chris Pratt, who has gone from xtra chubby comedian

to seriously testosteronish gun and motorcycle raptor-taming hot hero dude,

redeems most of that silliness for me.

PS. Discovered that Mr Pratt is the real deal. He is a Christian believer, father of a new boy with his wife, won the Spike TV Guy of the Year Award, and looks forward to leaving LA so he can be a Boy Scout troop leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday and have fun.

God. Where the hell did they find him?

This flick, though, is making oceans of money. More than 1/2 billion bucks on its first global weekend.



Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, Pratt is still a very funny guy in real life. Based on his history, I would classify him as an Alpha, but he's not the gravelly-voiced, humorless Clint Eastwood type. Pratt just oozes this easy, personable charisma that doesn't compromise his masculine credentials. I find him attractive in a way that I don't find Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth.

Your mention of his character defrosting the ice queen is an old, old trope. I think it's very much a "thrill of the hunt" type thing for straight guys. Coincidentally, her arc mirrors that of Dr. Grant in the original: cold, emotionally stunted prig to warm, protective father figure.


Anonymous said...

The real deal cold bitch is not emotionally stunted or cold due to environment but, cold due to nature. Women like that do indeed tend to make excellent wives because not only can an alpha male warm them, they tend to see marriage as the ideal arrangement that it is and are less quick to dissolve it, even in infidelity. They tend to be smarter, more understanding and are basically begging for the hard thrust deep stroke that alphas want to give. That is, if they are naturals. It also tends to correlate to the ice queen/model physique. The ballerina who is too good to keep dancing once a chevalier catches her eye. Also, they tend to have healthy androgen counts. This is good for child bearing, especially for sons.

As for Pratt himself, it is a shame that such infallible sexy cannot be in the realm of possibilities for men who like men. The perfect man will always be for the women. Damn bitches.


Anonymous said...

A, I've noted (and often lamented) that my personal eros tends towards straight men. It's definitely unfortunate. My best personal encounters have been with men who have played both sides of the fence. Silver medal, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I know it is about a mistress but, the song "Secretly" by Skunk Anansie sums that shit up nine times out of ten. Still, and I am sure you would agree with me, it is worth it.


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