Thursday, June 04, 2015

Obsessive cranks like me

I occasionally get finger-wagged and scolded because of what some have called my "cranky obsessions" with race and feminism. (Or Islam...which is really, to them, about race.)

Well, bro, here's the deal. For as long as I can remember, the Serious Post-Marxist* Left has been chanting the mantra of Race, Gender, Class! Race, Gender, Class!

All I'm doing is taking them at their word. Cause they are in the ascendant everywhere and must be taken seriously.

Class, the class-ical Marxist obsession, makes it about money. Well, that's a universal. Fighting for wealth, as a route to power and status, is everywhere, at least since the hunter-gatherers settled down and herded and farmed and built cities.  That's a given and so I don't focus on it.

But the POMO Left is loudly and unapologetically obsessed with race and gender. So why not me?

Of course the real problem from my moral and intellectual betters is that I now view race from a frankly self-interested perspective as a White and feminism as an unrepentant man.

They see me and my kind as their enemy. I return the favor. I recognize that every single advance of non-White and women has been at the direct expense of Whites and men. Political correctness is a zero-sum game of war. I eventually saw it. That's my real crime.

Hey, sorta Whitish Reb Tim Wise makes his living about being crankily obsessed with race. To them he's a noble hero. He's just, as they like to say, "on the Right Side of History."

Back to coffee and crankitude.

*Post-Marxist in the sense that they dethrone class as the single issue and broaden it --ie, make it worse-- by including race and gender.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know what really pisses them off? When they say that you are racist for preferring other White people as your love interest (even if it isn't true, it will be brought up) just say: "Why not? Black people do."

You can see steam coming out of their damn pores!


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