Thursday, June 25, 2015

Out of the mouths of raves

Some wag just wrote that

"an anti-Semite is not someone who dislikes Jews, 
it's someone some Jew dislikes."

Snappy, no?

And in line with ExC's deconstruction of "anti-Semitism" and all the other unreal isms and phobias that haunt the infected Western mind and soul.

A homophobe is not someone who dislikes gays, but someone some gay dislikes.
A racist is not someone who dislikes Blacks, but someone some Black dislikes.

The list goes on.

And just to review, I am not saying that dislike or hatred of Jews, gays, Blacks, Muslims, gypsies does not exist. Of course it does.


Making isms and phobias out of these attitudes (and the beliefs and actions that accompany them) judges them to be both A. incorrect and B. evil.  Those who hold these unorthodox views are thus stupid and evil.

The ism and phobia manufacturing industry makes sure that the only groups who merit this kind of protective labeling are groups that they, the Left, endorse.

But what if there are correct, factu al, empirical data AND good reasons of self-interest, common good or group survival involved in disliking any of the above groups? Or any group at all?

Shocking idea.

(Not really. Straight White Males are routinely treated as corrupt and evil, but there's no ism or phobia attached to H8ing them...cause they are not Officially Sanctioned Victim Groups.)

By pathologizing unwelcome beliefs (facts, especially), attitudes and actions, the ism and phobia discourse requires the positive affirmation and virtual celebration and worship of all these groups.
You must praise and support and celebrate (and always accomodate and acquiesce to) Jews, gays, Blacks (and Latinos and Asians), Muslims, name it. Oh, and wymyn, of course.

Failure to do so provokes the charge of ism and phobia and you're a Nazi.



Anonymous said...

There might not be an ism or it but, it is a very real bias. Said Bias is also there for a very logical reason: straight White males are the ones that could end all of the bullshit if they could find their god damn balls.


DrAndroSF said...

A bias just a settled attitude based on experience. Most of life is bias.

And yeah, the real horror in all of this is that none of the changes aimed at the destruction of the White West have come about by anything other than words. Just talking (with pictures.)
That's all it took.

And I shamefully admit how much of it I bought, for so long.

Anonymous said...

I know it. I was a liberal for a bit of my life, too. It just seemed so sensible and like it was in my own best interest. I was never taught to really think about the world as a whole outside of other hamfisted and self-serving types bitching about it. I was presented with beer soaked grandma sweaters wrapped in cheap doilies with cabin fever and told that was White culture. Either that or, useless airs. Even High Culture has a real practicality to it. It was all in presentation and my absent minded response. At least we both know better now. How many more will know better in the future. It is amazing that I am the optimist in any given situation. Anybody who knows me would have their jaws dropped.


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