Saturday, June 27, 2015

The good die young

And probably deserve to.

In the current wars-by-politics in the US, --but not only here--consider this question...(hint, it's rhetorical.)

A great many ordinary Americans --aka Caucasians-- actually do care about fairness and justice. They get very upset if you think they don't.

In their "struggle" for "equality and fairness", do any of the Official Victim Classes --Blacks, Wymnyn, Latinos, LGBT's-- take any thought at all or have any concern at all for how getting what they want might negatively damage anyone else?

Especially their H8ful and bigotted privileged oppressor classes? Aka Caucasians, males, etc.

Any at all?

Have any of them, ever, expressed any doubt about the overall effect on the larger population that their goals might have?

See why I said it was rhetorical?

After all, do parasites ever worry about the health of their host?

And I note that if this is the case, why on earth or in the name of God should the aforesaid oppressor classes continue to consider that "fairness" or "justice" have anything to do at all with the so-called
political process?

Such continuing moral qualms could only be held by

The Most Foolish People On The Planet.(c)


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