Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Pitch and the Product

Every so-called "civil rights" or "justice" or "liberation" movement of the last fifty years has been a lie. Or turned into one.

There's What We Were Sold vs What We Actually Got.

Take inter-racial romance, or, as the insensitive say, race-mixing.

The Pitch?

Sidney Poiter as a Potemkin POC unicorn, some brilliant doctor with a mission to Africa, and some breathy little blond (Hepburn's niece), with Hepburn and Tracy to lend authority.

It's what merchants call a "loss leader", a product whose real cost you undervalue in order to lure people in so they are more likely  to buy into the more expensive stuff, what costs them more.

The Product?

The vile Kardashian females partying in the subway with repellent rapper Chris Brown and his posse of savages.

Like this.

All part of Rev. Dr. King's legacy.


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