Monday, June 01, 2015

My Alien(ated) POV

Imagine listening in on a heated and passionate conversation among Muslim scholars about some elements of Sharia law like how the body must be shaved, or when a woman's menses make her prayers invalid, or what level of Hell Mohammed's uncle is in.

Similarly, imagine listening in on heated and passionate conversation among serious Protestant pastors, about the contrasting virtues of either Calvinism or Arminianism, like whether once saved is always saved, or whether God foreordains people to Hell even before creating them.

To be fair, take the same eavesdropping event and apply it to Greek Christian theologians coming to blows over whether the Trinity is three-in-one or one-as-three, or whether Christ is God or Godlike, or has a single will or a double and whether his mother remained a virgin, hymen intact, even after his birth.

Even if you are a geek, a part of you must think, What the f**k?

You're overhearing an alien world. To them it's all very real and very serious but to you, nuts ado about nothing. As the Ebonics like to say, Made-up crazy shit.

But if you're listening to these carryings-on and you're living in 12th century Egypt, or 17th century New England or 5th eentury Constantinople, how these conversations pan out affects you powerfully and directly.

Now you know how I feel when I listen to most of what passes for political or moral conversation in the Year of our Lord 2015.


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Anonymous said...

The Catholics win for most interesting flame war by far.


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