Thursday, June 18, 2015


Some moron White kid just shot a Black prayer group in Charleston. Although not quite as stupid as Breivik, no help at all. He apparently told them that they were raping our women and taking over our country and had to go.

True enough assessment, but galactically wrong means.

White guys seem to like the occasional mass shooting. And of course there was not a second's hesitation in calling it a "hate crime" and calling for the confiscation of guns. When Blacks assault, rape, torture and murder Whites, that is always a matter for serious deliberation lest we rush to judgment...Lots of "robberies gone wrong" and "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Our compulsion to absolve these savages is a disease.

Black guys prefer the traditional tribal approach of ongoing chronic and almost daily violence, both against one another and against us. But that's just background noise, right?

Only when Whites kill Blacks is it A National Emergency.

#OnlyBlackLivesMatter, but #OnlyWhenKilledByWhites.

Looking back on it now, it astonishes me that I ever thought we could live together. A bi-racial America (now tri and quadri) makes as much sense as combining Greece and Turkey into one big happy multicultural Eurasian family. Right? But hey, the brainwashing has been almost lifelong and relentless, and you only discover what you discover when you discover it.

And after all, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." right?


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Anonymous said...

Pissing in the wind is not going to put out the fire.


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