Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Juneteenth, Crackers!

Today is "Juneteenth", June 19th in English. It's a Black freedom from slavery holiday. My ex explained it to me once but I don't remember the details.

The worst and most awful day in American history was the day when the first African was brought to this continent. 
The second most fateful and grievously mortal day after that was when the US government lost its last opportunity to save us and gave up on transporting all the liberated Africans either back home or somewhere else far away and separate.

Who can continue to deny that Blacks and Whites, when placed together in the same space, always make each other miserable? Chronically. Increasingly. Tragically. Unavoidably. Insolubly.

All American racial policy in the last 50+ years --much longer if you count Shelly vs Kraemer in 1948 and the Brown vs BOE decision in 1952-- has been to force together two peoples who are deeply incompatible. It comes down simply to this: Beatings will continue until morale improves.

But it will never get improve. Only deteriorate.

What civilization on earth has ever attempted to engineer people's lives and souls toward the kind of impossible equality that most of us take for Gospel?

How can this impasse be expected to improve? I mention only two absolutely factual realities.

One, their average IQ is a full 15 points below ours. This means that 50% of them are dumber than 80% of us. All the treasure spent and laws passed and speeches and ads purveyed will not change that*. (And even if the Flynn effect raises the scores a bit, it raises everyone's, so that gap persists. Does anyone expect that Whites as a group will catch up with the Ashkenazi Jews? Goyim, please.) 
Two, their African r-strategy mating habits and family structures, resulting in an almost 75% illegitimacy rate and a pandemic of fatherless children (the hiphop thugs and their ho's, the pinnacle to which Black culture aspires) , creates an insuperable set of social and personal pathologies that dooms them to the kinds of chaotic communities they "build" wherever they go.

Given just these two items, what hope is there that they can ever be anything other than what they are now?

And now, since the Whites have been fatally infected with the Liberal Guilt retrovirus --and our women have colluded with the Blacks (and others) to stab their own men in the back, aka feminism-- it will only get worse for us.

The Africans in America are only 12% of the population. Yet their endless complaints and ever increasing self-destructiveness are the obsessive center of our decaying and dying "national" life. And their pathologies are always our fault. And they always will be.

Because they are a people incapable of ever becoming what we were. Their envy and resentment, and the knowledge of the truth of the previous sentence, makes them ragingly vengeful. And their allies, who also hate us, are signing up for the kill. The Third World immigrants only recently arrived in droves on our shores have piggy-backed their "oppressions" on the Black Passion Play and Soap Opera, to help in looting and erasing us.

As groups --and that's all the really counts in the end--how can we ever really be anything but mortal enemies?

We are like a sick married couple who carry on decade after decade of acrimony, violence and abuse and mutual loathing but refuse to separate.

As I often suggest, it makes as much sense to try to turn Germany and Poland, Greece and Turkey, China and Japan, Serbia and Bosnia, India and Pakistan, even Spain and Portugal into one "nation" and to make believe that it is anything other than a Frankenstein monster, grotesquely sewn together out of incompatible and grossly mismatched parts. Ask the Rwandans or Yugoslavians about it. Or the Armenians in Turkey. Do I need to go on?

Why is the idea of separate countries for separate peoples suddenly so Beyond The Pale? Imagine all the grief that would have been produced and reproduced if Greece and Turkey had not agreed to a massive population exchange in 1923.

"America" only ever meant White America. And the Africans in America know it. Even as privileged and pampered and appeased and affirmative-actioned and asskissed a Negress as Michelle Obama could not hide her contempt for us, nor, sensing our impotence, feel she needed to hide it. Barry Hussein O sat in Rev Wright's America-hating church for decades. An "American" president who refused to wear the flag. He got the message and he is carrying it out, his dream from his father, with stunning success. Regardless of his birthplace, he is not an American president. He is an African who became the president of America. There is no "we." Never really was.

Europeans and African in was a disastrously unequal match from the beginning, and no amount of counseling (or laws or apologies or programs or sermons or marches or --God fobid!--reparations) can change the fact that is was indeed and always will be a marriage made in hell.

Happy Juneteenth.

* To those who maintain, in panicked dogmatic mode, that IQ is environmental, the question remains: how can their group IQ gap diminish when the environments they keep creating are designed to maintain it?

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