Monday, June 01, 2015

Let me get this clear

Two  basic messages we are constantly fed by every conceivable means and media in relation to women and men:

1. Women are just as strong and capable as men in every way, sometimes even more so because of women's special extra whatever.

2. Women are helpless victims, constantly degraded and assaulted by male power.

Do I have that right?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct and you are blinded by your privilege. If you weren't, you would see that it is because of women's supreme superior greatness of great supreme superiority is the very reason why women are oppressed*. That, and men want to control reproduction out of the hate in their hearts, not at all because women cheat and lie about it shamelessly (not that that would be a bad thing) and women's sexuality (never mind the fact they daydream about rape constantly while good men are in prison over hear say, you rape culturalist) because big is beautiful and rape is power. Power to the people of the republic of vagina!


* I thought that I would keep the syntax realistic to the best of my ability^^

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