Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Abrahamic Faiths. At it again.

Jewish settlers burn, destroy Church on the banks of the Galilee

A nice building I once posted on, alas.

What a choice: the crazy Palestinians or the arrogant Sabras?

"We all worship the same God." A useless phrase, even if it were true.
The most protracted battles are often between those with the most in
common: Sunni/Shia, Catholic/Protestant...Dominican/Jesuit.

Whether it's actual religion or faux-religion (like Lefty or White
Right politics), the enemy is attacked because they are Aliens.
The brethren are attacked because they are Heretics and Traitors.
It's human nature.

I don't understand why so many people want to play make-believe
about so many things, that somehow denying the unpleasant and
chanting, "Let's all play nice" will make a difference in the structure
of nature. There must be a lot of Enneagram Nines in the world.

In the evil White Nationalist novels of Harold Covington, there's a character,
a rural White man, tough old bird, who, even after the successful revolution
which establishes a safe White country just a mile from his home, and even after
the United States has degenerated into something all too imaginably worse*
than it is today, still refuses to switch sides, because the new Whites are "racist."

Likely an Enneagram One. (They're the ones I find most insufferable.)
His brain and soul have been incurably infected
with the Equality retrovirus, so that no matter what his lying eyes tell him,
over and over, he keeps repeating the mantras to himself.

*Covington just takes a lot of contemporary ideas and plays them out to
their horrific logical conclusions. Ask yourself how many times you've heard
someone say, "Oh, that's ridiculous. That would never happen." and then
voila! Ten-ish years later, it's The New Normal. Look how fast we went
from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner to Kim and Kanye?  In a highly
mobile and tech-drenched society like ours, things fall apart really fast.

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Anonymous said...

I take anything that comes out of a Palestinian's mouth with a big, big grain of salt. Furthermore, this is the act of isolated individuals. When Palestinians do it, its officially sanctioned.

On the Israel/Palestine debate, I do let my sexuality do the talking. In Israel, you can get a marriage certificate from the government, and serve in the military with pride. In Palestine, you get thrown off of buildings and then stoned if you manage to survive. With that in mind, it really boggles my mind that the Gay Left doesn't call for the eradication of the Palestinian people with all the bloodlust that they do for Christian bakers to be driven out of town.


DrAndroSF said...

Good points. But you surely know the real Rules of Engagement: Brown people always trump everything else (as long as said Brown people are not Republicans, in which case they are Open Season.) Gays are always lower down the Victim Hierarchy. Notice that every one of the cases where lesbians have taken on Christian businesses, the owners have been White. No accident.

In Toronto, where I lived for many years and which has a hugely powerful LGBTQXYZ lobby and press, a lesbian was refused service at a barbershop which only served men. It would have been a Great Crime and thousands of lesbian puppies would have died because of this H8...except that the barbershop was Muslim and Brown.

The response from the gay press there was resoundingly muted. Instead of the screeching and fainting that would have accompanied such a homophobic and sexist attack if the barbers had been White Males, we got a lot of hmmmm, furrowing of brows, scratching of heads, wondering if this was really how we should be addressing our community's needs right now, blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

I think there's an element of cowardice to it, as well. I think for the most part, Leftist GLBTers know that outside of a few handfuls of nutcases who completely misunderstand Jesus about casting stones and have zero political influence, the vast majority of Christians in the U.S. who think that homosexual acts are sinful do not want to execute them.* The radical (i.e., truly practicing) Muslims have made their feelings about us clear, and I'm sure a goodly number of "silent" Muslims would probably cheer our deaths from the sidelines.

Do Leftist queers truly think that, by attacking Christians, they can curry some measure of favor with the likes of ISIS? Or is it purely an ethnic preference thing?

*I say this with some measure of confidence. When a growing majority of conservative young folks is okay with homosexuality, I think it's safe to say that homosexuals who don't act up in public are tolerated by the Right. Of course, I could always be wrong, in which case supporting the Leftists becomes a simple matter of survival. But I'm pretty sure I'm right.


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