Monday, June 22, 2015

The Ironies of Western Suicide

Continuing to watch the James Burnham conference.

I wait, of course, for the issue of race to come up.

Absolute silence.

Until almost two hours in, one Dr.Avik Roy, an "Indian-American" physician, expert in medical issues, in asking about what really constitutes The West, tosses off this gem:
If we're talking about the West in terms of a set of countries where historically White Europeans have inhabited, well, I guess we can express concern about that, but that's -- i don't think that's why we're here. I think we're here not to talk about particular ethnic groups and whether they will continue to be the most prosperous in the world, we're here to talk about a set of ideas.

No one said a word in response. No one. Not one word.

Who in their right mind would expect that Confucian values would survive without Chinese? Or that Jewish values could survive the disappearance of Jews? Or that, without French people, there could be a French culture...other than as an exhibit in a museum.

The West is White. White people. It is Europe and the European diaspora. Nothing more.

As American elections show, the only group that cares at all for The West is Whites. And only a little more than half of them. No one else has any allegiance to it at all, any more than the Goths really loved Rome rather than its land and its wealth.

While discussing the suicide of the West under liberalism, these right-wingers reveal themselves to be accomplices in liberalism's greatest attack on it.

Such is the face and voice of American conservatism.

And why I have had to move beyond it into the Terra Incognita where there be dragons.


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Anonymous said...

What was the brown, Eastern man doing at the conference about defining The West to begin with?


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