Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sadness and hatred

Since I took a deep breath and started wading into the website world of those supremely evil men who value being of European stock and somehow connect the White race with Western civilization,
two things struck me.

The first is the split between the pagans/Nietzscheans and the Christians. God, do they hate Christianity. Problematically, although contemporary Christianity is pretty well captive to the multicultural trance, I would bet that a huge chunk of potential post-Americans would be angry conservative White Christians. In Harold Covington's NorthWest novels, the major internal threat to the establishment of the post-American White nation is religious hatred: Christians vs pagans. He finds it humorous that the mediating group and voice of sanity in these fights are the non-religious National Socialists...

The second is the spectrum of emotions that accompany assessments of the passing away of America. Many, like me, are sad. Some of these guys have decided that it was a rotten idea from the get-go and its current demise is only its logical and inevitable working-out. They cheer to see it die. That, of course, I cannot do.


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Anonymous said...

I still maintain that the very spirit of Christianity was always a kind of selective advancement of Pagan society. I do not see much difference between the European and his spiritual culture from his visceral one. Christianity is an advancement of the very strong focus almost all European Pagans focused on: Consecration. This is not some kind of diluting of meaning for Christianity but rather the acceptance that like Paganism, which can never be truly restored, it was one step in the creation of something eternal. What will keep religious war going is the ignorance of the leaders of European men. Something new will come that will make a place for the inevitable Platonists who are Christians and Aristotelians who are Pagans. Though, the truly advanced among each religion swap places: Platonist Pagans and Aristotelian Christians, while never looking down their nose at the school of thought that really made their group to begin with.

Enough rambling from me. I know how you and Sean insist on seeing Christianity. It is the way a true believer would see it. Like I said so many times before, I am a Pagan in soul. If I am truly ignorant about Christianity, I will be eager to read about it but please be patient with my heathen heart.

I am sorry that you are sad at America's passing. Will Vinland not be a suitable replacement? What was it about America that you love so much? Perhaps it is a Northern thing. America really is the baby of your political forbears. Many Southrons here in Dixie like to pound their chests about 'Murrica but, really, Dixie comes first. That is probably why I do not understand. My mother is very much a Southerner though and she would shed a tear for the Red, White and Blue too. She has always had more Northern tendencies anyway. Being a Southern Catholic, of course, she also tends to have more Protestant tendencies than the rest of the family does. I have no idea where she gets it from. Honestly, I never understood other than the Cavalier ancestry of most Southrons, why it is that Catholicism was always so strange here in the South and yet so popular in the north as opposed to Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, Methodism and Lutheranism. Not to mention flat out Calvinism and Baptism. I really think that things will be better once we are able to make our own balance and make real societies based off of what works instead of what ought to be.


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