Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm a bad gay

One of my most popular posts, with real comments by real people, is --no surprise-- a hate post.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Drag queens. Hate 'em. 



Anonymous said...

Men in drag are some of the most annoying people in the world. And they aren't even realistic imitations of women, just these screechy aggressive caricatures of what they think women are like, or should be like. Projection, much?

Even as I was just discovering gay culture, drag queens made no sense to me. Of course, this was back when I naively thought, like you did, that gay culture was based around same-sex eros, not rejection of sex and deviation from gender roles.

Women wearing male clothes, a suit and pixie cut for example, doesn't bother me nearly as much. Sometimes, I even find it attractive in a platonic/aesthetic way, like Annie Lennox back in the 80s. Maybe because those women still retain their feminine attitude when in male drag, or they display their masculine attributes on a daily basis in a non-phallic manner, ala tomboys?


Mr. Freeze said...

A year or so ago, in a moment of weakness and nostalgia, I accepted a flurry of 'friend requests' on teh facebook from several old drag friends with whom I used to work and play.

Twenty years ago ... I found these people to be witty, brilliant and brave artists. Today? I find I just can't take the effusively maudlin two-faced tedium of it all.

Men who used to harness that particular bag of tricks for some biting, insightful art and satire seem to have have become as boring, shallow, and insipid as your average Mall Chick loitering around the food court. Incapable of venturing anywhere beyond its self-inflicted borders.

And being constantly assailed by weepy diatribes on Gay Marriage by people whose romantic "relationships" are often stalked, delusional, and/or *paid for* ... and if consummated, generally last as long as it takes for the sweat to dry ... is just depressingly bizarre.

It seems nostalgia serves a necessary emotional and psychological purpose in ones life. But its place belongs securely In The Past.

Footnote: The cackle of queens was deleted a couple of weeks ago, en masse.

Needless to say, they haven't even noticed. Or they are as relieved at their deletion as I am.

DrAndroSF said...

Although your subjects tend toward the rant-worthy (and who is Ex Cathedra to complain about that?), your prose, Mr Freeze, has always struck me as unusually articulate. And your spelling and punctuation would make a 1950's Catholic nun proud.

Mr. Freeze said...

*grins - blushes*

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