Friday, July 19, 2013

Hey, (White) America!

When you elected the guy on the right, --twice!--guess who else you put in power?

The 12%.

(For 12% of the American population, American Blacks sure take up a lot more space, time, energy, treasure and trouble than that! Californians constitute the same percentage of the US as Blacks do. Imagine for a moment the whole rest of the country constantly on edge, wondering "But how will it affect the Californians?" Nuts. Rule by minority.)

The Founding Fathers are raging in their graves.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c)


Anonymous said...

My sister recently informed me that what I was referring to as "militocracy" is properly called "stratocracy." She's done a lot of reading on political systems. I'm impressed. Of course, she said she didn't like the idea, but meh. Give it a couple of years.

I was surprised to learn that "Starship Troopers" (the book, not the movie) is quite popular in the military. Makes me wonder how many of them wish they could install the government presented. Maybe they are waiting for the country to go to the brink of collapse, and then they will swoop in to save it, and demand of the grateful and willing populace that power be transferred to current and former service members. It's how I would do it.


Anonymous said...

Helen Thomas is dead. Every time I saw her, I wondered if she would melt on contact with water.

Disgusted by the whitewashing of her anti-Israel comments by the left. One gay person on JustUsBoys posted videos of her comments on a thread praising her, in a vain attempt to show her for the hag she was. The general reaction was as follows: "Oh, I didn't know that. Well, she was talking about Israelis, not Jews, and they did come from Germany and Poland. She wasn't purposefully alluding to the Holocaust, you're just reading that into her comment. And besides, her family was displaced by the Israelis, so she has a valid viewpoint and her input has merit. Anyways, Israel is illegally taking land from the Palestinians, so they're the real bigots!"

The typical reaction: flustered silence, followed by justification and "contextualization," whitewashing and denial of bigoted comments, vindication of position due to victim status, demonization of the target of figure's vitriol into "oppressor" of "victim" to legitimatize hatred. Sad that I know this routine so well. And even sadder that liberals can't see it for the self-contradictory rhetorical mess that it is. But then again, if liberals were smart, they would be conservatives. Like you. :)


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