Sunday, July 07, 2013

Just dessert, please

I decided to take a peek at The Lone Ranger via pirate sites and it turns out the only version available is in Russian.

From reading the comments section of a review of the film --which is tanking financially btw-- it seems that, no surprise, it is a revisionist anti-White version. Noble savages vs Evil Caucasians.

And it's all White (or Whit-ish) men involved in the flick.

The American mistake has been to want to be liked as Nice Guys. No nation becomes as large and powerful as we have been by being Nice Guys. We should always have celebrated Columbus Day as Conquering Peoples Day. That's what we Whites did. That's what practically everybody who claims title to land has done. What nation, tribe or clan holds land that either they or their ancestors did not acquire --or in a few cases, hold-- by force of arms?

But by not owning up to this, we have now allowed ourselves to to silenced and mocked by our competitor races.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet.


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