Monday, July 08, 2013

Homeland improvement

As part of my house cleaning and improving, a little de-crapping of my kitchen stove area. Since the accumulated dust and grit were above my sight line, I could usually ignore it. This pic made it obvious how bad it looked. In my next life, there'll be an exhaust fan hood above the stove.

The stove is a vintage Wedgewood gas model, probably dating from the building's origin in 1923. The hot water heater is what's behind the screen.

Even as the West declines, my house looks a little better.


JuliaC. said...

Should you refrigerate your hot sauce?
I see it above your stove and worry that it may spoil.
I'd hate to think of you sprinkling something rancid on your eggs.

Anonymous said...

So...the hot air is expelled through an indirect route....but definitively to the right?


DrAndroSF said...

Droll :)

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