Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Grand Tour

I have a certain fondness for vintage travel posters. I came across this one, surprisingly. I have no idea if it's old or new.

And then, this one.

The second one came from a site called Waging Non-Violence. Sigh. Whining about "apartheid"* --as if that were a bad thing-- and "colonization."  I guess they'd expect Palestine to turn into yet another stable and prosperous Arab country like...Egypt? Libya? Syria? Iraq?

Good fences may not always make good neighbors, but sometimes "apartheid" protects you from neighbors who'd happily eat your children's liver for lunch.

Just back from Spain, B was reflecting on his visit to one of the old Moorish style synagogues in Segovia. Since the 1492 expulsions, when the Native People there did some ethnic cleansing, there have been few Jews in the country. Currently, about 50,000 in a country of 47 million. (And a million Muslims, all of recent arrival under EuroUnion's enlightened suicide program.)

There was no anti-Jewish sentiment that he could pick up, --not enough of them around to hate?--but, along with the rest of Europe, a hatred for Israel. Given the Spaniards' 800 year history with Arab Muslims, this baffles me. But I guess they want to belong to the EuroClub. Knock yourselves out.


*Speaking of apartheid, an evil site I read has post entitled Breivik's Norway and this opening line:
In this issue, we try to fathom the motives of an ethno-nationalist terrorist and political mass-murderer. And when we’re done talking about Nelson Mandela, we’ll discuss Anders Breivik.


Anonymous said...

The physical violence perpetrated against pro-Israel students on liberal campuses is always justified as being directed against "supporters of injustice."

Sounds like the gay and liberal reaction to the assault of a street preacher who was holding a sign that said "Repent or Else" near a Seattle gay pride event: "Well I don't condone violence, but really, he should've expected to get attacked acting like that." Then when conservatives say that's the same as the old "women in miniskirts should expect to get raped by drunk men" bit, they sniff and say, "Not the same." And then they draw comparisons between the preacher and a Klansmen at a MLK rally. Which makes sense to me, but not in the way he probably thinks. Namely, in what the reaction of the crowd would be.

Yet another reminder of why I never wanted to be like these people in the first place. And why that word leaves a bad taste on my tongue. Give me the preacher over the crowd any day. And yeah, I agree with the preacher. God knows some people in that crowd probably had something to confess.


DrAndroSF said...

The Left is everything they profess to hate about the Right.

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