Wednesday, July 24, 2013


NBC is putting on a Dracula series in the fall. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is him. But as an American. And Renfrew is Black.



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Anonymous said...

I love how vampires can be a metaphor for any group Hollywood wants to portray with broad brush. "True Blood" portrays them as a thinly veiled analogy of homosexuals, complete with half-witted fundamentalist Christians saying "God hates fangs." Here vampirism is awesome and cool, and if you have a problem with it then you're just a backwards bigot who needs to get with the times, man! But I know you've already talked about the hypocrisy of the "vampires as gays" shtick, and from what I've heard from fans, the show has backed away from that.

But on the other hand, when vampires are parasitic callous monsters, they are always captains of industry, political manipulators, fans of outdated philosophies. In short, conservatives. And these vampires will always, always use blacks as blood slaves. Witness "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer."

Vampires certainly have a strong erotic component. Immortality, physical perfection, the ability to have any person you want, a shadowy pariah and a dark messiah. Certainly appealing to homosexuals. But personally, I find the werewolf a more attractive monster: physical prowess, connection to nature (though this can be depressingly hippy-ized), a strong sense of community and belonging combined with group responsibility and hierarchy. Alphas and betas. Vampires are often cold or angst about their condition. Werewolves tend to accept, even embrace, their condition.

So doctor, what is your diagnosis? :)


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