Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tricking Blogger

Since Blogger is free and works so well, it's hard to complain about it. But you can't upload mp3 files. At least directly. A sly fella recommends making a movie with just a cover picture and then adding the mp3 as music for it and uploading it as a video.

Matt Alber was part of the Chanticleer group and has a voice with an incredible range. Plus, he was damn attractive, and local. Worked out at my old gym for a time. Very distracting. And a very nice guy. He was perhaps the first to try the Gay Country Singer route a few years back, before the current Steve Grand YouTube phenomenon. It went nowhere.

He gave up on the country thing and now has a kind of lounge music career going. Writes, plays and sings. Talent for days.

An old favorite song of mine, which you can't find anywhere now, is one of his country songs, Green Light. His music, with a pic of him at the time, to fool Blogger. He's now more bearish.

And in case you wonder about his range, take a look at this amazing piece from Messiah that he did recently.


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