Thursday, November 19, 2015

Imitation of life

Since I switched to a Mac, it's a lot of work to change the font and color for copied texts from elsewhere into Blogger. So I leave this as is. Sorry if it's hard to read.

Theological musing post the visit of my LDS pal and our discussions. Gilles Herada's "The Missing Myth" makes the excellent point that in monotheist religion there is no native mythological space for same-sex love except as alien and dangerous. (Watching LGBTQXYZ antics, I can sympathatize...). This traps the amazingly un-creative "queer" culture in a loop of mimicry as a supposed solution to that emptiness, but all the clothes are really drag, and borrowed. 
My "gay" compatriots consider my eschewal of the T in LGBT and my thanks but no thanks to genderless marriage as some kind of self-hatred. On the very contrary. It's because I want to discover the native and natural truth of same-sex love and let it speak for itself, even start to seed its own mythos, not dress in ill-fitting hand-me-downs that palliate the symptoms of soul-hunger while leaving the deeper issue un-addressed.

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