Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The God of Evolution

What do you make of a Creator who, just on planet Earth alone, has either engineered or allowed at least five Mass Extinctions?



Anonymous said...

It's possible that the evolutionary butterfly effects caused by the mass extinctions were necessary to lead to the evolution of humans. Alternatively, God was just letting things play out until natural selection gave him the creatures he could most easily mold into HIs likeness and image.

Few Catholics I know ever consider the deeper meanings of an evolutionary world. As one put it, "It's more self-contradictory than the Trinity."


OreamnosAmericanus said...

This failure to deal with the image that evolution suggests is one of the weaknesses of contemporary Catholicism. The church does not deny evolution, but then goes on to ignore it

-A said...

I think this is a God who knew what he was doing. Perhaps there isn't anything particularly special about mankind unless we can survive the necessary laws of His world? There is limited space, there are limited resources, there is limited beauty and there is limited love. Love itself is a commodity that is not truly large. Perhaps it is from God Himself but, not from us or other material entities. We must understand this. I do have faith that other Catholics will come around and real discourse among us will be a joyous renaissance to embrace. However, as I have realized his terror, I am not always right.


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