Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Age appropriate

Due to injuring my knee, I've started some rehab-strength work with a 25-year-old trainer at my gym. Some of my buddies, highly evolved beings all..., have made wink-wink comments about him and me. When he looks at me I am sure he sees a grandpa. When I look at him, I am very impressed. He's a terrifically attractive athlete (and quite knowledgable about how to fix my problem). Tall, dark, lean and moves like a tiger. 

I am impressed, although I am neither blond nor numb, not made uncomfortable by attraction. What can I say? He could be my grandson. I appreciate him, but the thought of being up close and personal with him feels kinda creepy. Not, as they like to say in Ontario, appropriate.

Now the fella in the picture above --who's still my junior, btw-- would be a far more challenging ride. Much more unsettling and electric. A male who's in shape and has grey in him turns my head. "Grownup man" really does it for me. 

Mr B., for example, no boy, he. Well, yes. Grrrr.


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