Thursday, November 26, 2015

This is why we can't have nice things

Though replacing Dr Watson with a Chinese female offended me in principle, I like Johnny Lee Miller and Elementary.

Tonight I am watching the latest episode and lo and behold, the plot revolves around the death of a White female doctor who is married to her White male doctor husband....aaaaaand her big Black male doctor husband, and all three of them live(d) together happily in a "thruple", with a child...that I don't want to see.

So I turned it off.

PC ruins everything.



Anonymous said...

While I have a problem with Watson being gender-bent and race-lifted, I do confess to being a fan of Lucy Liu. She and Jonny Lee Miller have a great dynamic.


DrAndroSF said...

Yes, they do well together. Though without him, I'd not be interested in her.
The compulsory race-mixing combined with polyandry...well, it was too much.
When the White guy share his wife with Dr Sambo said, "We're just a happy family," that was it.

Anonymous said...

What is your overall stance on polyamory, multicultural heterosexual arrangements aside? A certain part of me finds the idea attractive, but I can definitely chances for it to fail terribly. From my light investigation, it seems to only really work if A) All partners involved are more or less attracted to each other equally, or B) the level of attachment between the partners is lower than that in a typical two-person relationship. I also think I could see it working a little bit better for gay/bisexual men (accounts on the warriors of Sparta, pre-Christian Celtic tribes, and the Vikings seem to depict individual units as having lots of erotic contact amongst each other equally).


DrAndroSF said...

Male-male dyads frequently have outside sex connections but maintain their twosome as the primary unit.
Some couples do ok or even very well with that.
Some do poorly or worse.

A recognized triad of lovers is rarer but it does happen.
And I think that it only rarely both lasts and functions well.
It either avoids issues between the twosome or
exponentially raises the complexity.
I used to joke that God was a Trinity because only Divine Being
could pull off a threesome for that long.

Wishy washy answer, I know.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't" sounds about as definitive of an answer as we could hope for. God knows it works that way for regular old dyads, regardless of heterosexuality or homosexuality. One final question on the issue: in your experience, do male-male dyads who both tends towards Right-wing politics have as equal a propensity towards outside connections as others and just not talk about it, or lesser? Or are their "extracurricular" activities shared, rather than individual?


DrAndroSF said...

I have never met such a Double Righty male-male dyad!

The gaymale spectrum I know runs from We Must Tell Each Other Everything to Lets Never Talk About It.
And so does the spectrum from We Only Do Threesomes to Each Of Us Can Play As He Wishes.

The only commonality I can name is that most male-male dyads include extracurricular sex as an ingredient.
The permutations are numerous.

A secondary but real reason why Genderless Marriage seems a wrong fit for us.

-A said...

I am so sorry I missed this conversation.


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