Thursday, November 26, 2015

The fundamental issue

is moral.

And moral status is inescapably linked in the current regime with race first of all.

The passive acceptance by Whites --and White men above all-- of their moral reduction is at the root of all the West's diseases.

Decent Conservatism is wholly inadequate to this task. The only pathway to the West's survival is for White men to reclaim that moral status by the thorough and unapologetic rejection of the entire Liberal project and every one of its isms and phobias.

Which is what Liberals have named as The Worst Crime In History: White Supremacy.

When all it actually is is White Priority...something which every other racial group claims for itself and denies only to us.

So the only thing that can save us is the one thing we are absolutely forbidden even to think.

See how that works?


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