Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Killing time

I use the title phrase in its usual sense of passing time rather pointlessly. I realize that, given the tenor of my persona as ExCathedra and the elasticities of the English tongue, it might be read as "time for killing." I do feel that way a lot of late.

The deleterious effects of the liberation of women are more far-reaching (and deleterious) than most anyone outside the Alt-Right can even conceive. The current unnatural dominance of female interests is taken as a simple normality by almost everyone. Without the power, wealth and influence of post-feminist women, our culture would not be nearly as degenerate and neurotic.

Justin Trudeau, the Shiny Pony Prime Minister of Canada, has appointed half his cabinet female ("because it's 2015") and a foreign-born Sikh as Minister of Defense. White men are the only fools on the planet who think it's virtuous to erase themselves. As for the females --Sweden has similar structures-- I think of Jack Donovan's line: A society run by women and effeminate men cannot survive.

One of the very transgressive Alt-Right AngryYoungWhiteMales sites I read, with this take on framing. Very good. Matches my belief that see "racism" or "homophobia" or "antisemitism" ertc. as anything other than a rhetorical trick dooms you to lose. Never accept your enemy's frame.

Maybe Pope Francis really is the Anti-Christ. That would sadden me, since I was hoping for that role myself. Mr B sent me a photo of Satan whispering into the ear of the AntiChrist, from some northern Italian cathedral fresco. I now use it as the wallpaper on my iphone.

When I asked him which of us he thought was in which role, he gave his canonical answer. "It's obvious."  I do love that man.

The invasion of Europe and the US literally gives me nightmares. The last three nights my dreams have been connected to this disaster. I was trying to organize a choir to sing Tomas Luis de Victoria's Good Friday Lamentations for the anniversary of the Muslim depradations of 9/11...

I am very American. A nicely done cheeseburger makes me feel that the world is still worth saving.

Technology continues to impress. My Backblaze online backup program neatly and rather quickly downloaded 40G of my favorite movies to my new Macbook:

I watched a video yesterday of a feral young Ebonic thug playing the knockout game on an elderly white woman who was just sitting in a park. None of the other Whites nearby reacted. Jim Crow, segregation and lynching were not groundless expressions of evil, but understandable modes of defense against savages. The equality and dignity of all humans is a lie.

PS. Next time some anocranial White liberal tries to status-signal by proclaiming how open-minded they are and how "good" and "evil" are just relative cultural labels, run by them the last two sentences of the previous paragraph. Hilarity will ensue.


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