Friday, November 27, 2015

Troof about Tref

An article in a Jewish publication points out the views of the classical Jewish theologian Maimonides, about the relative merits of Islam and Christianity, Muslims and Nazarenes.

While contemporary Jews and their foolish Christian allies go on about the evils of "supersessionism," Maimonides made it clear that for Jews, Christianity is pagan idolatry.
Islam shares this view as well.

All the kowtowing and accommodation only goes in one direction.

Back in the 12th century, people told the truth. Now, ecumenical prevarication rules the day.



-A said...

Would Judaism and Islam not also be the same thing to Christianity? I realize that this is more true of Islam than of Judaism but, they are the ones who, with near infinite penis envy of Babylon and their Marduk, have fifty names for their tribe specific God?


DrAndroSF said...

Until post WWII, Christians have always and everywhere considered Judaism a stump religion whose time is past. Now Christians, under the Holocaustianity paradigm, bend over backwards to be pro-Jewish. The favor is not returned.

Islam was for most of its history considered by Christians to be a heresy, a weird deformation of Christianity with a defective Christology and doctrine of God. The idea of a "non-Christian religion" is quite recent, having replaced the 2000 year old categories of True Christian Faith, heretics, schismatics, Jews and pagans.

-A said...

I see. It would indeed, as I believe you have intimated before, be a very interesting change if Christians were to revive the old views of Judaism. Especially the Catholics. It would inspire many chuckles and snorts from le plus cher moi at the sexiness of religious jingoism. I do still think that Catholicism is a completion of Paganism rather than Judaism. It doesn't matter because that is not really at the soul of Catholicism, though. What would sting most is, whether or not there really is a God and his Son came down from Heaven, Judaism really is obsolete. It is better to constantly strive for a perfection that cannot be achieved than to wait for a Savior (much like a bus in downtown Detroit) that will not come. At least Catholics are doing something with their lives, spare time and civilizations.


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