Friday, November 06, 2015

Painful realities

The Mormon Church has just declared that Latter Day Saints who contract a same-sex marriage are considered excommunicate and apostate, and any children they are raising may not be baptized in the church until they are 18.

My gay Mormon friend is wounded, of course. And the high-minded believers in the Liberal Faith are outraged.

But it makes sense.

Consider how the Roman Church responds to women to attempt priestly ordination. Excommunication. Why this act and not others? Murderers are not excommunicated. Well, the priesthood is at the heart of Catholicism. To violate it is to aim for the center.

Similarly with the Mormons. For them, marriage is the centerpiece of the whole plan of salvation, the irreplaceable mechanism by which godhood is continued. So, to violate it is to aim for the center.

Although the LDS church holds homosexual acts to be gravely sinful, it is the contracting of a same-sex marriage which ups the ante and leads to this exclusion.

And withholding baptism from the children of gay-married parents until they are adults only makes sense as well. If your parents are excommunicate and apostate, they can hardly be expected to raise you in the faith.

All this is not nice, but it is both rational and, for this group, necessary to its identity and survival.

No religious bodies who capitulate to the demands of the Liberal Faith --which fully intends to destroy and replace them-- by ordaining women and marrying gays have thrived. On the contrary, they all collapse and are dying. Put another way, only religions that are dying will be desperate enough to ordain women and marry gays.

Although Christianity is dying in the North, it is migrating to the South. But neither the Roman Church* nor the Mormon Church intend to fade away.


*If Pope Francis admits remarried Catholics to communion, though, that will start the death spiral.


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-A said...

It all makes perfect sense. If our people just see the necessary cruelty in the faith itself, they will see how to apply it in every other aspect of their lives. It shows really how Catholicism (though not necessarily in this order of acceptance) was indeed what kept Europe together.


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