Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hitler Ad Nauseam

I have remarked before how silent Western media are about Marxism and the 70+ years of catastrophe that it unleashed on the world. And in its current cultural form, is still unleashing. Yet movies and stories and comparisons about Hitler and the Nazis are flourishing. He and they are the unquestionable pinnacle of Evil, especially among sophisticates who laugh condescendingly at the very notion of evil when it's referenced by a White Christian Male Republican President.

I made the partly snarky remark elsewhere that it must be the uniforms.

Comparing Nazi Germany's sartorial style with the frumpy couture of the zombies of Russia and China, etc. makes it clear that the  Krauts had vastly superior tailors.

The more serious and more likely reason is that our organs of communication are greatly overrepresented by Jews, who have a powerful motive to keep the Second World War alive and to make it all about them. Forever. On my darker days, I see the obsessive focus on Germany as a stand-in for them for all of White Christian Europe. And all White Europeans. Making sure we keep feeling bad about ourselves. Forever. It's what gets the Left up in the morning.

But there is yet another reason, somewhat connected to my frivolity about fashion. The Nazis are vastly more dramatically interesting and compelling than the dull seas of proletarian commissars and  cadres. Do you think that Casablanca would be as compelling if Ingrid Bergman was trying to get safe passage out of some half-assed People's Republic where nothing ever worked and the stores only sold one brand of old toasters? There is a subset of porn that includes Nazi or Nazi-like characters in them. I bet no one imagines falling into the lustful hands of a Commie.

Half of Europe, all of China and a lot of other places lay under the soul-smothering rule of the great egalitarians for many decades. And ubiquitous mind-numbing grayness was the best they could ever muster. What do you expect from a world of official equality?

National Socialism is intrinsically more interesting and dynamic than Marxism-Leninism. National glory has a lot more spunk in it than class resentment. Bolsheviks, though worse than Nazis in actual effect, I would argue, are boring as hell.

That was true from 1917-1989 and it's true this week.

Scottish Labour Young Socialists


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SDD said...

It is interesting to note NS also had strong gender boundaries. Forget the pink triangle victomhood, some Androphiles served with distinction too

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